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Weblink Communications Ltd. is a Private Limited Company based in Bangladesh and licensed by the Company Act, 1994. It was formed by a team of entrepreneurs to build a robust national platform to provide Nationwide Corporate Internet & Data Service, Network Solutions & Maintenance. We are also providing Web & VPN solutions, Call Center Service, IPTSP, Cloud Hosted PABX, Low -a cost firewalls, BGP & OSPF Solutions, LAN, WAN, MAN - Wireless & Cable solutions.Weblink is aware of the world's current growth of data penetration and will build a scalable and efficient network capacity to successfully serve the ever-growing need.


Digital Marketing

Marketing isn't limited to a single country or region any longer. The entire world has become a village. Traveling from one side to the other is pretty simple and takes so little time.

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Website Development

A website serves as a highlight for your company and personality. If you're an entrepreneur or run a small or medium-sized business, your most important digital tool will be an attractive website.

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Mobile App Development

Businesses can collect, analyze, and leverage customer data more efficiently with the help of an app. Apps have the potential to influence marketing strategy by capturing information such as customer preferences and behaviour.

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