About Us

About us

Weblink Communications Ltd. is a Private Limited Company based in Bangladesh and licensed in accordance with the Company Act, 1994. It was formed by a team of entrepreneurs with an aim to build a robust national platform to provide Corporate Internet, IT Services & Enterprise Software to the subscribers. Weblink is aware of the current growth of data penetration in Bangladesh and will build a scalable and efficient network capable to serve the ever-growing need successfully.

Weblink Communications Ltd. is well equipped and staffed with highly professional, skilled engineers and competent human resources to provide internet & IT services to meet the requirements of its customer base. Weblink believes that the company’s growth is interwoven with customer satisfaction. Reliability matters in communication and therefore Weblink is committed to deliver the highest possible of quality services to its Customers. Through experienced technologists, strategic partnerships and deep experience in telecommunications & IT field, Weblink ensures the optimal service quality.

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